RCMP Harassment at Gidimt’en Checkpoint (VIDEO)

WATCH: RCMP Harassment at 39KM Checkpoint

On January 30, RCMP attempted to enter the Gidimt’en supply and monitoring post, attempting to walk in to our camp which is outside of the injunction area. Police have undertaken a daily harassment and surveillance campaign against our supporters, and have even threatened to arrest those monitoring the road. While RCMP have publicly stated they will stand down for 7 days while our Chiefs speak with the Province of British Columbia, they continue to harass and threaten us daily.

By: Wet’suwet’en Access Point on Gidimt’en Territory

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4 thoughts on “RCMP Harassment at Gidimt’en Checkpoint (VIDEO)

  1. And no one is gonna do a dam thing about it cause they are afraid to act thats why this shit keeps happening and is gonna continue to unless people act abuse of power and colonization at its finest


  2. It’s not even a reservation and I don’t think the rcmp was harassing anyone they are just doing their job, no guns ummm what about all the widow maker’s that was made with all the half cut down trees??. And if it’s your home why aren’t you living there full time and doing what your ancestors did living off the land hunting, fishing,gathering, and the trap line hasn’t been used in ten years. Ya a very long time ago white people did do a lot of bad shit to the natives but we are not our ancestors and if that never happened you wouldn’t have what you have today like gas heat electricity vehicles phones etc. And also what the hell is with whites put us on reservations you don’t have to live there, my friend tried to get his band to help with courses and because he didn’t live on the reserve he was denied so now you want to live there ?? How does that make sense. I’m Métis and I think that that a lot of natives have lost touch with their heritage and don’t have respect for what their ancestors had to do to survive they didn’t have what we have today they had to hunt with arrows and spears and gather berries and don’t forget the process they had to do to preserve the food and store it for winters, they used everything and never wasted (hides for clothing bones for sewing ext) do you think you could do that for a week? Be stripped of the nice clothes the electronics the vehicles and the houses you have today. Just think about that.what happened 100 years ago was not good but it’s the past and now look how good you actually have it.


  3. Police do not have a right to go onto any reservation without permission. #Trudeau you are such fork-tongued ignorant racist. You Feign caring.


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